Kitchen with Island Ideas: 20+ Stunning Inspirations for Space-Saving Area

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Kitchen with Island Ideas

As the hub of the house, a kitchen has a very important role that is not only as cooking space but also a spot for gathering. Among many features that you can choose to add into a kitchen, a kitchen island is one of the best options.

Having an island can be a great help because it has some functions both as a dining area and extra storage. It’s because there are various island styles that have a sink, extra drawer, and side shelves that will keep the kitchen organized and neat.

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Here we have compiled tons of kitchen with island ideas that will give you extra references if you are still wondering to add an island or not.

Best Kitchen with Island Ideas

Kitchen with Island Ideas: Outstanding Rustic Farmhouse

Kitchen with Island Ideas: Outstanding Rustic Farmhouse

This farmhouse kitchen island is simply beautiful and elegant that looks perfectly match with the entire concept. This island with a sink feature is useful for additional cleaning space and a dining spot with some casual bar stools. A rustic wooden accent on the side becomes the focal point of this island.

Kitchen with Island Ideas: Modern Sleek Island

Kitchen with Island Ideas: Modern Sleek Island

For people who love or have a modern concept, it’s perfect to make the island looks modern as well. An all-white kitchen with sleek and modern kitchen appliances looks really stylish. A white kitchen island with some drawers as organization space looks more elegant with marble top. To match the beige or brown marble, install lighting fixtures with the same shade.

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Kitchen with Island Ideas: Beautiful Vintage Vibe

A unique built-in tiered kitchen island looks attractive though it looks quite simple. Rustic low back chairs probably become the focal point that will grab all the spotlight. It’s a perfect spot to enjoy the food freshly made from the kitchen in this earthy atmosphere.

Kitchen with Island Ideas: Chic Simple Island

A kitchen island can be an additional spot for a dining area. This kitchen with some natural elements like wood looks so warm. A blue wooden base with a marble top makes it looks more modern. Moreover, the three pendant lights are perfect to enhance the simplicity of this area. Complete it with some vintage feel chairs in low-back as the sitting feature.

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Keep scrolling for more inspiring kitchen island ideas that you can steal immediately!

Kitchen with Island Ideas 5




Kitchen with Island Ideas 8





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Those are some kitchen with island ideas that you can use as your reference if you are still wondering what style you want to choose. Just choose the one that suits your taste, needs, and budget and bring one for your own kitchen!

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