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Minimalist Swimming Pool Ideas: Chic Designs You Might Love

Minimalist Swimming Pool Ideas

Some homeowners still choose a swimming pool as one of the best water features to build in their house because it doesn’t only improve the look of their backyard but is also functional for people who love aquatic sports. However, some people may think that a swimming pool needs to be big to look attractive. While in fact, a swimming pool can be as minimalist as possible and it still looks inviting, even in a small area.

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For your ultimate reference, we have collected some minimalist swimming pool ideas that you might want to copy.

Best Minimalist Swimming Pool Ideas

Minimalist Swimming Pool Ideas: Simple Square Pool

Minimalist Swimming Pool Ideas 1

This simple swimming pool becomes the oasis of your backyard and looks so fresh with the plantations that surround it. Although it suits more for a plunge pool, it doesn’t make it less inviting.

Minimalist Swimming Pool Ideas: Stunning Inground Pool

Minimalist Swimming Pool Ideas 2

An inground pool is a common swimming pool style that many people use because it’s quite ‘easy’ to build. As you can see that this pool looks quite simple with a concrete side that surrounds the pool.

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Minimalist Swimming Pool Ideas: Above-Ground Pool

Other than an inground style, there’s an above-ground style that looks stylish and unique. This cozy backyard with a simple pool layout becomes the centerpiece that looks eye-catching.

Minimalist Swimming Pool Ideas: Inviting Outdoor Pool

If you want to make your swimming pool simple because your house uses a modern decorating style, then this idea can be a good reference. A simple swimming pool with an elegant outdoor sitting area.

Minimalist Swimming Pool Ideas: Fresh Outdoor Feeling

Minimalist Swimming Pool Ideas 5

Another rectangular pool with festive blue tiles that are able to make the pool area looks more shining. The deck that works as a lounge and sunbathing area looks so cozy and adds a warm accent.

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Minimalist Swimming Pool Ideas: Breathtaking Tropical View

Instead of making a luxurious swimming pool, some people prefer to build a comfortable lounge. Just like this idea, the pool itself is quite simple while the lounge deck is so stunning with a cozy sitting area.

Minimalist Swimming Pool Ideas: Dreamy Pool Design

Creating a dreamy swimming pool area like this can bring more joy and relaxing effects for you who love creating a certain ambiance to your outdoor refreshing water feature.

Minimalist Swimming Pool Ideas: Simple Earthy Decor

Minimalist Swimming Pool Ideas 8

Another minimalist swimming pool in a small backyard becomes the attention-grabber and looks inviting with the use of tiles as the base and wood for the deck.

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Minimalist Swimming Pool Ideas: Unique Round Pool

Well, this swimming pool might need quite hard work but it will surely be an eye-catching feature. To get a sturdy base, try to use pavers or concrete for the patio.

Minimalist Swimming Pool Ideas: Attractive Night View

A common rectangular swimming pool that you can use as your refreshing spot. The wooden patio blends so well with the modern pool and creates a beautiful rustic accent.

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So, it’s your time to get a minimalist yet stylish swimming pool in your own backyard now!

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