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Stock Tank Pool: 20+ Easy an Cheap DIY Ideas to Try Now

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Adding a swimming pool to your exterior area is always a good consideration to include in your home improvement plan. However, the cost to build a swimming pool can be so expensive, especially if you want to have the one with fascinating design and sophisticated features. As an alternative, some creative homeowners use the galvanized stock tank to create a swimming pool which of course, will not cost you a lot.

This kind of pool may not really provide you the proper space to do aquatic exercises, but it’s enough to become the relaxing spot that you can enjoy with the family members and friends. It’s like the plunge pool which is so enjoyable for everyone.

Check out some inspiring stock tank pools below that you can try to create at home all by yourself!

Best DIY Stock Tank Pool Ideas

Stock Tank Pools: Cozy Chilling Spot

Stock Tank Pool: Cozy Chilling Spot

A round galvanized stock tank becomes the plunge pool which makes this backyard look and feel so inviting. The sitting spots which are made of wood and corrugated steel sheet add more cozy feature around. It turns this backyard into an entertaining outdoor living space in a very creative way.

Stock Tank Pools: Gorgeous Earthy Decor

Stock Tank Pool: Gorgeous Earthy Decor

The tank pool of this backyard is installed on the patio with natural decor which looks so beautiful. Various kinds of greeneries, flower, and rocks decorate the area in a very admirable way. It becomes the main focal point of the backyard which grabs most of the attention.

Stock Tank Pool: Stylish Cozy Decor

The mosquito net covers this stock tank swimming pool which adds more fun when you enjoy the pool. It gives more privacy and protects you from annoying bugs. It’s definitely an easy and cheap way to decorate a stock tank swimming pool which is so worth to try.

Stock Tank Pools: Simple Cozy Decor

A stock tank swimming pool becomes the main attraction of this backyard with a gravel base. A cantilever umbrella simply makes the pool feel more comfortable to enjoy even in the broad day light. Some chairs surround the pool to provide a cozy sitting area for everyone.

Stock Tank Pools: Catchy Modern Design

Stock Tank Pool: Catchy Modern Design

Finishing your stock tank swimming pool with some colors is a good way to make it look more attractive just like this idea shows. The stock tank is finished in white which looks strikingly beautiful as the centerpiece of the patio. You can try to colorize the pool by any finishes that you love.

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Find more ideas below to complete your inspiration list!



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Now, just pick the most beautiful pool that you love!

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