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Simple Swimming Pool Ideas: 24+ Inspiring Designs for Minimalist Backyard

Simple Swimming Pool Ideas feature

For sure, it’s always a good idea to add a swimming pool to the feature of your house. You will get a lot of benefits that you can enjoy all the time with all of the family members and friends. It’s a very enjoyable water feature that will never fail to become a very entertaining spot for everyone.

As you may have known, a swimming pool always becomes the main focal point that grabs most of the attention. It makes the pool has such a big influence in creating the overall look of your exterior area. Therefore, it’s always a very important consideration to choose a swimming pool with an attractive design.

There are tons of swimming pool designs that you can find today, starting from the simple style to the personally customized ones. Of course, you can always choose the one as you wish. But, you still have to consider the design of the swimming pool which properly complements the design of your house.

For instance, if you have a home with a minimalist decorating style, a swimming pool with a simple design is a good option to consider. It typically comes with a sleek and clean-lined style without any complicated details. The size also fits enough to decorate a backyard with limited space.

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Here, we share a lot of swimming pools with simple designs that you can add to your ultimate inspiration list!

Best Simple Swimming Pool Ideas

Simple Swimming Pool Ideas: Elegant Modern Design

Simple Swimming Pool Ideas: Elegant Modern Design

The white tiles cover the swimming pool are of this backyard which looks strikingly gorgeous. It’s designed in a rectangular shape with a small plunge area that fits really well to complement the backyard with minimalist style. The wood fence in black finish surrounds the backyard which enhances the modern nuance in a very elegant way. Moreover, the beautiful greeneries decorate the pool area which freshens the atmosphere naturally.

Simple Swimming Pool Ideas: Gorgeous Small Design

Simple Swimming Pool Ideas: Gorgeous Small Design

A small rectangular swimming pool is installed on the patio with gravel and concrete tiles base which is enough to entertain all the coming guests. The neutral nuance of the area looks simply gorgeous with the cozy minimalist nuance. Moreover, a small deck is installed close to the pool with some small loungers which provide the chilling area.

Simple Swimming Pool Ideas: Modern Earthy Design

A chic small swimming pool is surrounded by the deck which looks and feels so inviting. The vertical garden with various kinds of plantation gives a more aesthetic appeal and comforts the nuance of the backyard perfectly. The combination of those earthy elements creates a very admirable overall look and fresh atmosphere. For sure, it’s a very inspiring backyard decor with a swimming pool which is so tempting to have.

Simple Swimming Pool Ideas: Stylish Rustic Design

The semi above-ground swimming pool is decorated with greyish tiles with stone texture. It’s installed on the modern deck in a natural finish with the rocky waterfall that completes the feature. The combination of those decor elements creates a beautiful rustic overall look. Moreover, the plantations give a more decorative touch and fresher air all at once.

Simple Swimming Pool Ideas: Above-Ground Pool Design

Simple Swimming Pool Ideas: Above-Ground Pool Design

This swimming pool is installed in an above-ground style which fits for you who prefer the one to enjoy some chilling time. The size of the pool is not really big which is perfect to decorate a backyard with narrow dimensions. Then, the natural concrete finish of the pool complements the deck beautifully.

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Simple Swimming Pool Ideas: Unique Cozy Design

If those swimming pools with rectangular design don’t suit your needs and taste, then this idea is the one that you can’t miss. The pool comes in half-circle shape which becomes the main focal point of a small backyard. You can have a fun pool party with this pool. Of course, the design of the pool simply brings the style of the backyard to a whole new level.

Simple Swimming Pool Ideas: Fresh Tropical Design

Tons of tropical plants surround this swimming pool which gives a very captivating nuance. They create a particular character around the backyard in a very beautiful way. The white tiles and concrete fence of the swimming pool area let the natural tones of those plantations pop up attractively.

Simple Swimming Pool Ideas: Earthy Minimalist Design

Simple Swimming Pool Ideas: Earthy Minimalist Design

A small deck with a swimming pool enhances the beauty and comfort of this backyard with a grass field base. It becomes the centerpiece of the area which flows beautifully with the natural surrounding of the yard. Moreover, the deck is surrounded by a frameless glass fence that secures the pool and gives a more modern twist to the overall look of the deck.

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If you still haven’t found the best swimming pool design which is right for you, don’t worry, we still have tons of ideas below that you will totally admire! Let’s just keep scrolling to check them out!












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Well, that is the list of best swimming pools with a simple design that we have picked just for you. It’s s worth to be an ultimate reference when you have a plan to give some improvement to the exterior of your house.

The swimming pool with simple design is always a good option that you can consider. It’s perfect both for small or big outdoor space which follows the latest decorating style which is minimalist decor.

So, let’s choose the best swimming pool that really suits your needs and taste, then start building your own pool now!

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