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Swimming Pool Design Ideas: Chic Inspirations to Steal

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Swimming Pool Design Ideas

Adding a water feature in an outdoor area can be a great improvement to make your backyard looks more attractive.  One of the water features that many people choose to build in their backyard is a swimming pool. For people who love aquatic activity, it’s definitely the best choice to choose from. There are various swimming pool styles and materials that you can choose based on your preference and budget.

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Best Swimming Pool Design Ideas

Swimming Pool Design Ideas: Fresh Tropical Vibe

Swimming Pool Design Ideas 1

Creating a tropical atmosphere directly in the backyard is indeed a great way to make your own resort. Natural elements like stones, rocks, and greeneries are perfect to heal your stress.

Swimming Pool Design Ideas: Cozy Simple Pool

Swimming Pool Design Ideas 2

OIn this idea, it’s not only the tiles that look eye-catching but the most outstanding one is a cozy lounge on the side that looks so elegant with a shade.

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Swimming Pool Design Ideas: Striking Boho Nuance

Although the pool itself is a simple rectangle shape, the emerald green tiles that are used for the base captivate the attention. A cozy lounge in patterns on the side enhances the coziness and the look.

Swimming Pool Design Ideas: Eye-Catching Earthy Decor

The best thing about having an outdoor swimming pool is that you just need to add another natural element like this wooden privacy screen that blends so well with the natural surroundings.

Swimming Pool Design Ideas: Cozy Outdoor Pool

Swimming Pool Design Ideas 5

Another stylish swimming pool that uses a modern concept as its base can be seen from the sleek concrete patio, black seating set, and frameless glass fence.

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Swimming Pool Design Ideas: Minimalist Swimming Pool

Even a small backyard can have a swimming pool like this one. To create a cozier atmosphere, a simple gazebo or lounge is placed above the pool which is a great spot to enjoy the relaxing water stream.

Swimming Pool Design Ideas: Breathtaking Indoor Decor

For those who want to have extra privacy, this indoor pool is a good option. To make it looks fresher and decorative, create a vertical garden with a simple waterfall feature inside.

Swimming Pool Design Ideas: Stylish Modern Decor

Swimming Pool Design Ideas 8

Festive navy tiles make the pool looks mesmerizing, especially during the night. For a more modern and stylish accent, install a black wrought iron fence that can work as both privacy and protection features.

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Swimming Pool Design Ideas: Striking Natural Pool

Although a natural swimming pool is quite tricky to maintain, this pool style is still worth trying because it contains fewer chemical elements so it’s safe for you who have sensitive skin.

Swimming Pool Design Ideas: Stunning Pool Deck

Making a sunken swimming pool with a wooden deck gives a lovely rustic feeling but at the same time, it looks stylish due to the frameless glass fence.

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Adding a swimming pool is a great feature to enhance your home, especially if you’re planning to place it outdoor. Just pick the best swimming pool design idea that you like and start creating your dream swimming pool right now!

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