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Attic Bedroom Ideas: 10+ Inspiring Designs You Have to Check Out

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Attic Bedroom Ideas

No matter how comfortable a certain spot in your home, we’re sure that nothing can beat your own bedroom. As one of the comfort zones, you have to make your bedroom as comfortable as possible. However, it can be difficult to decorate a small house so you have to make it upstairs in the attic. If you’re planning to get an attic bedroom and need inspiration, you’re on the right page!

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Below we’ll present to you some best attic bedroom ideas that might attract your interest.

Best Attic Bedroom Ideas

Attic Bedroom Ideas: Classic Vintage Look

Attic Bedroom Ideas 1

This bedroom layout is quite minimalist with only adding furniture and using a wood pallet platform as the bed base. For an entertainment feature, you might want to add a hammock or swing to the room.

Attic Bedroom Ideas: Minimalist Bedroom Layout

Attic Bedroom Ideas 2

For you who love to have a separate room for a bedroom and storage, this idea is a good example. You can build a partition to split the space into two so the bedroom is simpler and neat.

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Attic Bedroom Ideas: Relaxing Farmhouse Decor

An all-white concept is the best decors to make a cool and neat finish. The dark wood from the beams gives a warmer accent and brings a more decorative touch.

Attic Bedroom Ideas: Chic Monochromatic Shades

The mixing of black and white will never look boring as long as you combine them in good balance. Just like this idea, the two shades bring dimension and become the focal point that enhances each other.

Attic Bedroom Ideas: Simple Attic Bedroom

Attic Bedroom Ideas 5

The minimalist design is a perfect choice to choose if you have a narrow space. A simple bed, enough lighting, and neat organization will make the room looks more attractive.

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Attic Bedroom Ideas: Striking Earthy Decor

Other than the all-white look, this warm and calm earthy look that comes from the wood makes the bedroom feels relaxing. It would also be more stunning if it’s oak woods with natural light color.

Attic Bedroom Ideas: Chic Decorative Accents

Again, decorating a home is based on the homeowner’s taste. Even if the space is narrow, you can still add some patterns or accents for the bedding or rug. Therefore, the bedroom won’t be too bland with only white.

Attic Bedroom Ideas: Fun Colorful Decor

Attic Bedroom Ideas 8

This one is another idea that you can use as a reference to decorate an all-white space. The all-white look is indeed good since it makes the room looks wider. However, to make it more decorative, colorful pillows and rugs are good to consider.

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Attic Bedroom Ideas: Neat Attic Bedroom

Just like the previous one, this is suitable for people who want to have a neater bedroom with a separate walking closet. The open plan walking closet is the best choice to use because you don’t have to add another vanity or cabinetries.

Attic Bedroom Ideas: Blinding Natural Light

Having an attic or attic-style bedroom can be good because you will have sufficient lighting, especially with a conservatory ceiling. The all-white concept makes the room looks brighter and more spacious.

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That’s all for the attic bedroom ideas and we hope that it can help you to get a comfortable attic bedroom ever!

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