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Bathroom Lighting Ideas: 22+ Ideas to Lighten Up Your Personal Space

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Bathroom Lighting Ideas

A lighting fixture is one of the important parts of the home decor item that you can leave without. Well, of course, despite its main function as the lighting feature to lighten up a room, it also can be the focal point that will make your bathroom looks more attractive.

Just like other rooms, choosing a lighting fixture depends on your needs. However, usually, there are three kinds of lighting fixtures that you can choose. They are primary light to brighten up the whole room, zone light that brightens a certain spot like around vanity area, and decor light that lighten a certain object to make it stand out.

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To give you some inspirations on bathroom lighting ideas, we have prepared tons of them down below so let’s just check them out!

Best Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Bathroom Lighting Ideas: Unique Pendant Lights

Bathroom Lighting Ideas: Unique Pendant Lights

This simple Scandinavian bathroom looks so lovely and breathtaking with white hexagonal tiles that cover the whole room. The wood elements give a warm touch to this bathroom and make it looks less cool. Choosing a lighting fixture with gold lights can be a good choice to enhance its elegance. There are both zone and decorative lights to brighten the area around the vanity and mirror.

Bathroom Lighting Ideas: Attractive Simple Pendants

Bathroom Lighting Ideas: Attractive Simple Pendants

Another unique bathroom with a monochromatic concept that looks so attractive with small tiles patterns. Choosing this kind of pendant light can be a good and simple way to make it as a zone and decorative light. As the main or primary light is bright enough to lighten up the area, using some pendants may also help.

Bathroom Lighting Ideas: Stunning Double Lightings

Another idea to try when it comes to a lighting fixture is by combining two different lighting fixtures at once. Just like this idea, there’s a main light fixture above the mirror and two sconces on each side. It can work as main lightings and decorative lights that enlighten the vanity mirror spot.

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Bathroom Lighting Ideas 8


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Just keep scrolling down to see more exhilarating bathroom lighting ideas to lighten up your bathroom!


Bathroom Lighting Ideas 11






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So, those are some bathroom lighting ideas that you can use as references if you are planning to add some lighting fixtures in your bathroom. Especially when it comes to a master bathroom, which only belongs to you, you would want to make it as beautiful as possible. It’s because a lighting fixture is not only installed to lighten up a room but also for aesthetic points.

Pick the most stunning lighting fixture that looks attractive to you and start spending your time to look a pretty one!

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