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Bathroom Paint Ideas: 23+ Trendy Choices for Latest Home Update This Year

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When you have a plan to update the decor of your bathroom, changing the color of each room is always a good idea that you can do. Since the color has a huge influence in creating the overall look of your house, it can give such a significant change when you want to renew the decor of your place. You just need to arrange the new color schemes which include the proper combination of some shades and finishes.

However, choosing the right colors to include on your color scheme is not an easy job to do since there are tons of options which are available today. Each one of them looks so tempting to apply to your bathroom which may confuse you to pick the ones which suit your needs and taste.

The first consideration that you have to do before choosing some colors or finishes is that you have to know how your bathroom look and feel like. For instance, if you want to have the one with minimalist style, you just need to use neutral shades like white and grey as the background color of the room and give some pop-up earthy finishes like wood tone or greeneries.

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Here, we have some gorgeous bathroom decors with trendy color schemes that you can use as the ultimate reference!

Best Bathroom Paint Ideas

Bathroom Paint Ideas: Gorgeous All-White Decor

Bathroom Paint Ideas: Gorgeous All-White Decor

The all-white color scheme is one of the most options which is mostly chosen by homeowners who love minimalist decorating style. As the name suggest, of course, white works as the main shade of the color scheme which should dominate the room. Here, white colorizes the walls and ceiling with fixtures and accessories in a similar color complement it. To give more texture, the marble tiles in white cover the flooring harmoniously.

Bathroom Paint Ideas: Chic Neutral Decor

Bathroom Paint Ideas: Chic Neutral Decor

Another good alternative for you who have a minimalist home is combining the neutral shades just like this idea shows. White takes over the walls and ceiling with concrete tiles in natural finish handle the flooring, creating a simply elegant overall look. The white subway tiles decorate the walls to give more texture but still keeps the character of the decor. Then, the white bathroom fixtures and grey furniture decorate the room very well.

Bathroom Paint Ideas: Catchy Nautical Decor

Nautical decorating style will give an exhilarating beach atmosphere around your bathroom. This kind of style commonly uses blue as the background color since the color instantly reminds you to the nuance of the ocean. To complement it, some earthy tones and textures are added to the decor of the room to bring more natural beauty around. This idea applies such decorating style which is so inspiring to copy.

Bathroom Paint Ideas: Earthy Green Decor

The accent in green and tiles in a similar color with geometric pattern give a catchy pop-up color to this bathroom with white background color. It gives a very attractive overall look and refreshing atmosphere at the same time. The sleek floating vanity in natural wood finish becomes the main focal point of the room which gives a more natural element. Moreover, those indoor plants even beautify the room in a very admirable way.

Bathroom Paint Ideas: Elegant Bold Decor

Bathroom Paint Ideas: Elegant Bold Decor

Navy blue is undoubtedly one of the most stylish shades that will never fail to style up your bathroom. In this idea, the shade is applied to half of the walls which make the room look boldly elegant. To brighten up the room, white is the second shade of the color scheme which doesn’t only colorize the rest of the wall, but ceiling, flooring and some focal points as well. Then, a big mirror is installed to give a wider impression for its limited space.

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Bathroom Paint Ideas: Earthy Glamorous Decor

Beige is the soft shade that will give a warm nuance in a very beautiful way and this bathroom applies it as its background color. Marble tiles with brownish veins decorate the room which complements the walls very well. The gold finishes of he bathroom accessories then glamorize the decor of the bathroom which fits for you want to have the one with a more feminine vibe.

Bathroom Paint Ideas: Striking Bold Decor

Maroon dominates this bathroom which create a striking overall look in a more distinctive way. White then colorizes the ceiling and details of the walls which work to balance the nuance of the room so it doesn’t feel too overwhelming. The combination of modern and vintage decor elements make it fit for you who love eclectic decorating style.

Bathroom Paint Ideas: Pretty Bold Decor

Bathroom Paint Ideas: Pretty Bold Decor

Deep purple gives a unique bold touch to this bathroom with the combination of white and gray as its background color. The vintage bathroom fixture, pieces of furniture, and accents of the walls bring the beauty of old time to the decor of the room in a very stunning way.

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Haven’t found the best bedroom decor that you really love yet? Don’t worry, we still have the rest of ideas that will totally mesmerize you!



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So those are the best bathroom decors with enchanting color schemes which don’t only look so beautiful but feel so captivating as well. You can use them as the ultimate reference to update the style of your beloved bathroom.

Now, you just need to pick the best bathroom decor that really suits your needs and taste!

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