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DIY Backyard Oasis Ideas: 23+ Easy Inspirations on a Budget to Copy

DIY Backyard Oasis Ideas feature

Doing some joyful activities around your outdoor living space always sounds so irresistible, that’s why you always have to make the front and backyard look and feel as inviting as possible. Of course, you will need to give some addition so you can do everything comfortably with all the family members, friends, and guests.

Placing some pieces of furniture is one of the most favorite options that you can always keep in mind. It will provide the cozy sitting area to have some relaxing times while enjoying the fresh outdoor space. There are tons of outdoor pieces of furniture that you can find in the market which are designed in various styles and offered at various prices.

Moreover, some homeowners also choose some particular materials to build the base to place the furniture. Concrete, brick, gravel, sand, and wood are some popular materials to consider. They will give a more aesthetic appeal, comfortable atmosphere, and protect the quality of your outdoor furniture set overtimes.

By placing some pieces of furniture on the base which is made of particular materials, you will have a backyard oasis that you can enjoy as you wish. It will become a cozy spot which will entertain everyone.

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Furthermore, if you are handy enough, you can even build your own backyard oasis without any help from a pro which may cost you a lot. Below, we share some creative DIY backyard oasis that will totally inspire you!

Best DIY Backyard Oasis Ideas

DIY Backyard Oasis Ideas: Simple Rustic Design

DIY Backyard Oasis Ideas: Simple Rustic Design

An L-shaped bench which is made of cinder blocks and square wood dowels become the simple sitting area of this backyard. It surrounds the portable fireplace on the concrete base which makes it feel more inviting to enjoy. The design of the oasis gives a chic rustic touch which complements the wood fence beautifully. Of course, you can create this kind of backyard oasis all by yourself which will not cost you a lot at all.

DIY Backyard Oasis Ideas: Elegant Vintage Design

DIY Backyard Oasis Ideas: Elegant Vintage Design

This inspiring backyard oasis uses brown gravels for tits base with the concrete blocks secure it, creating a beautiful overall look which flows with the natural surrounding very well. Some Adirondack chairs in black finish and rustic fireplace decorate the space which makes it perfect for you who love the beauty of old time. Then, the stringlights complete the decor which don’t only give a more decorative touch but also work as additional lighting source.

DIY Backyard Oasis Ideas: Stylish Earthy Design

The floating wood bench is the main focal point o this small backyard oasis which looks so stylish to decorate a minimalist outdoor space. A contemporary black coffee table which is made of iron simply provides the storage station to put some glasses and plates. Moreover, the bamboo trees which work as the fence landscaping beautify and freshen the area in a very admirable way.

DIY Backyard Oasis Ideas: Modern Rustic Design

Basically, this one is a gravels and rocks backyard which fits for you who have an outdoor space with limited space. The oasis which is made of concrete tiles then simply brings the style of the yard to a whole new level which, of course, makes it more feel more comfortable. A rectangular dining chair in modern rustic design and folding canvas chairs decorate the oasis which is enough to beautify it.

DIY Backyard Oasis Ideas: Cozy Stylish Design

DIY Backyard Oasis Ideas: Cozy Stylish Design

To create this kind of mesmerizing backyard oasis, you need to use gravels to build the base and place some outdoor pieces of furniture as the main elements. The wood screen is installed to provide more privacy so you can do some activities comfortably. Some stringlights then brighten up the area in a very attractive way. Moreover, various kinds of greeneries and tree decorate the space naturally.

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DIY Backyard Oasis Ideas: Small Deck Design

A tiny leveled deck is installed on this backyard which is enough to become a cozy oasis to enjoy. It’s placed under tree which then works to shade the deck so you can use it even under the broad daylight. To give a more exhilarating feature, a swing completes the feature of the deck. It’s definitely an easy oasis that you can build all yourself in a very affordable way.

DIY Backyard Oasis Ideas: Cozy Beautiful Design

This one is a deck with pergola which will turn your boring your backyard into a superbly cozy outdoor living space. The pergola is made of wood and transparent PVY sheet which perfectly filters the excessive sun exposure. To give a more decorative touch, various kinds of greeneries are hung and placed on the floor.

DIY Backyard Oasis Ideas: Minimalist Rustic Design

DIY Backyard Oasis Ideas: Minimalist Rustic Design

The rustic L-shaped bench with thick grey cushions work as the cozy sitting spot on this small oasis. A concrete coffee table in white becomes the centerpiece of the area which complement the bench stylishly. It’s such a beautiful backyard oasis with minimalist rustic decorating style which is so tempting to have.

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Keep scrolling to find more amazing backyard oasis to complete your ultimate inspiration list!



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Those ideas show you how to improve your exterior area to become an entertaining outdoor living space which are so inspiring to copy. You don’t have to worry to build an exhilarating oasis even when you have a limited budget.

Now, just pick the best idea that you really love!

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