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Industrial Kitchen Ideas: 21+ Stylish Designs to Improve Your Kitchen Look

Industrial Kitchen Ideas

Nowadays, you can find various interior designs easily on the internet that will always excite you. From the classic and vintage concept to the modern and most up-to-date concept so you can choose the one that attracts your attention. One of the modern concept that you may have known is the industrial concept.

This concept is the one that represents raw materials and unfinished overall looks like exposed bricks, uncovered pipes, raw concrete, and the use of steel, metal, and wood. It gives you raw and rough touch just like how it looks like in the industrial surrounding. Well, sometimes it can also look like a rustic farmhouse concept.

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Below we have compiled dozens of industrial kitchen ideas as your ultimate reference if you are planning to get a new look for your kitchen in 2020.

Best Industrial Kitchen Ideas

Industrial Kitchen Ideas: Elegant White Kitchen

Industrial Kitchen Ideas: Elegant White Kitchen

The exposed painted brick wall creates a farmhouse vibe which is so mesmerizing. A unique modern glass lighting fixture becomes the focal point. On top of that, a kitchen island and chairs made of metal are the ones that represent this concept.

Industrial Kitchen Ideas: Bold Open Kitchen

Industrial Kitchen Ideas: Bold Open Kitchen

An open plan concept is a concept that will let you expose one room to each other. This house looks particularly dominated by the industrial concept. From the metal kitchen island, exposed pipes, and the lighting fixtures. The whole room itself looks cool with some neutral shades that go well with this concept.

Industrial Kitchen Ideas: Warm Earthy Look

A complete industrial kitchen with all the raw materials from the wooden ceiling and cabinets, raw and textured concrete backsplash and flooring, and not to forget a simple island. This kitchen looks definitely beautiful with all the natural texture and color.

Industrial Kitchen Ideas: Sleek Modern Kitchen

An all-white kitchen with the white tiles wall looks perfect with the metal appliances. All the elements in this kitchen make a great combination. This overall look can be a good option if a matte all-white is not your style.

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Industrial Kitchen Ideas 5




Industrial Kitchen Ideas 8



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Just keep scrolling down this page to find more trendy industrial kitchen ideas that will keep you amazed!





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Choosing the industrial concept as the base of your kitchen can be a great choice if you want to make a kitchen with an outstanding overall look. Of course, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea because it may look messy or too raw. However, for those who love a unique and modern concept, it’s a perfect choice to try.

Just pick the best industrial kitchen idea that suits your taste and needs and start making a new face for your kitchen now!

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