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Open Kitchen Ideas: 18+ Stylish Inspirations to Save More Space

open kitchen ideas

As an important part of the house, a kitchen is a basic area that has a very important role. It’s not only an area to cook and prepare a meal but sometimes it’s a place where people get closer. It’s because a kitchen has this casual and cozy ambiance that makes everyone feel relax and comfortable.

Therefore, people want to make it as comfortable as possible and one of the methods is using an open plan. An open plan can be very functional and useful because it removes any partition that might become the cause of stuffiness. It’s also good for people with limited space because it saves more space.

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To give you some inspirations, below we have collected tons of open kitchen ideas that for your ultimate reference!

Best Open Kitchen Ideas

Open Kitchen Ideas: Relaxing Farmhouse Kitchen

Open Kitchen Ideas: Relaxing Farmhouse Kitchen

This farmhouse kitchen looks relaxing with wood material dominating the entire kitchen. An all-white kitchen with wooden fixer-upper matches well with the wooden dining set. Even a wide and spacious house can use an open plan and moreover, it’s easier to use this style because you don’t need to worry about each area being crumpy.

Open Kitchen Ideas: Airy Open Kitchen

Open Kitchen Ideas: Airy Open Kitchen

There’s nothing cozier than enjoying a meal while looking at the green backyard. To create a cozier feel, instead of using a full set of a dining set, replace it with a bench and casual chairs. Make it faces the backyard to give fresh sight while preparing your meal.  A clear ceiling and glass window enhance the spacious look of the area.

Open Kitchen Ideas: Breathtaking Sleek Kitchen

The combination of a formal dining set and casual open kitchen create a good match. Moreover, the natural lights from the glass ceiling enhance the area that will make it looks more stunning. We can also spot a beautiful difference between the sleek, shiny, and modern kitchen features with a formal and rustic dining area.

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open kitchen ideas 5




open kitchen ideas 8

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See more airy open kitchen ideas that will make you want to change your current kitchen!

open kitchen ideas 9





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An open kitchen plan is indeed charming because it lets you have more space without using any partition so it looks airier. This concept also gives a modern look but also a cozy ambiance that will make everyone feel homey. An open plan also has various methods on how you want to mix it, for example, it can be an open kitchen that faces a living room, dining room or all of them in a simultaneous order.

Just pick the best open kitchen plan that suits your taste, needs, and budget and start redecorating your kitchen now!

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