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Inground Hot Tub: 22+ Outstanding Designs for Superbly Cozy Backyard

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Having a hot tub in your own house absolutely sounds so tempting. The first thing that comes to your mind must be its relaxing sensation that can soothe your stiff body after a long tiring day. In short, a hot tub will turn your backyard into a personal spa that you can enjoy anytime you want.

Today, there are tons of manufacturers that fabricate hot tubs, starting from the inflatable to the acrylic ones. Each of the option comes with particular features which are designed and equipped by the manufacturers which may or may not suit your needs and taste.

As an alternative, you can build your own hot tub with the designs and features that follow your adjustment. It commonly comes in an in-ground design with the particular style based on your choice. Of course, you may need to spend more since you have to buy the materials and hire the pros to build this kind of hot tub, but the result is so satisfying.

Moreover, an in-ground hot tub is considered more durable since it’s made of reliable materials. It means that the hot tub can last longer with proper regular maintenance over times.

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Here, we share a lot of inspiring in-ground hot tubs that will totally blow your mind. You can add them to your inspiration list when you have a plan to improve your outdoor living space.

Best Inground Hot Tub Ideas

Inground Hot Tub: Simple Sleek Design

Inground Hot Tub: Simple Sleek Design

This spacious backyard combines patio and deck at once which makes it look and feel so inviting. A sleek hot tub in rectangular shape is installed in the deck area which becomes the main entertaining spot. It’s enough to handle up to 4 adults comfortably. Two loungers then provide the easy chilling area that you can enjoy after using the hot tub.

Inground Hot Tub: Sophisticated Earthy Design

Inground Hot Tub: Sophisticated Earthy Design

The stunning hit tub with rocky construction which comes with sophisticated features becomes the main focal point of this backyard. It’s designed in oval shape that can fit 4 adults at once. The underwater LED light and waterfall works as the additional feature which enhances the style of the hot tub in a very mesmerizing way. It flows beautifully with the natural surrounding of the outdoor space. More ideas from

Inground Hot Tub: Elegant Minimalist Design

The simply beautiful hot tub with clean-lined design which fits for you who have a minimalist home. It has quite spacious dimensions which allow you to have a fun hot tub party. The natural concrete tiles which surround the hot tub complements the decor of the backyard gorgeously. Those greeneries which decorate the backyard don’t only beautify the area but also freshen the atmosphere around at the same time.

Inground Hot Tub: Gorgeous Round Design

If those square and rectangular hot tubs don’t suit your taste, then this one should be on your top list. It’s designed in round shape with rocky construction and concrete tiles frame which gives an awesome rustic touch to the overall look of the patio. The bench in half-circular design works as the main sitting area which makes the area look and feel way more inviting.

Inground Hot Tub: Stunning Rustic Design

Inground Hot Tub: Stunning Rustic Design

The rectangular hot tub with concrete tiles frame becomes the centerpiece of this small patio which simply looks admirable. A rustic fireplace with rocky construction complement the hot tub which gives a more aesthetic appeal in a very stunning way. With those elements, this outdoor living place looks and feels so warm which is so inspiring to copy. Moreover, some various kinds of plantations decorate the patio which enhances the patio very well.

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Inground Hot Tub: Simple Stylish Design

In this idea, an 8-person acrylic hot tub in white is installed in an in-ground style which brings the style of this outdoor living space to a whole new level. It’s installed on the deck area of the space which is enough to entertain all the coming guests. To provide sitting area, an L-shaped fence which is made of concrete and cushions is built on the patio. The concrete fence which surrounds the patio makes the area feel more private which let you to enjoy the hot tub comfortably.

Inground Hot Tub: Beautiful Natural Design

Another inspiring hot tub with rocky construction which is so worth to include on your inspiration list. It completes the feature of the deck which becomes an ultimate spa service that everyone can enjoy. The waterfall which is made of a similar material gives a more decorative touch which also aerates the hot tub all at once. Then, some greeneries style up the area which makes it look more attractive in a very natural way.

Inground Hot Tub: Modern Rustic Design

Inground Hot Tub: Modern Rustic Design

An in-ground rectangular hot tub is built on the backyard with the shade which is so inviting to enjoy. The shade covers the hot tub which allows you to use it in any weather conditions. Though the size of the hot tub is not really big, it still provides a joyful entertaining spot which fits for you who have an outdoor living space with narrow dimensions.

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Wait, we still have more in-ground hot tubs below that you can use to complete your ultimate reference!


Inground Hot Tub 9






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So those are the best in-ground hot tub ideas that we have picked just for you. they are so inspiring to copy when you are planning to ad a joyful water feature to your very own outdoor living space.

Choose the best one now!

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