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Contemporary Living Room Ideas: 23+ Stylish Interior Designs with Cozy Vibe

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A living room is the center of a house where everyone gathers around to do various kinds of activities. It means that you always have to decorate the room as proper as possible so all the family members, friends, and all the coming guests will love to stay around for a long time.

There are a lot of decorating style options that you can chose to beautify your living room. Each one of them will give a particular overall look and nuance which are created by the decor elements that fill the room itself.

At some points, with such massive availability, it makes it quite confusing to find the one which really fits your needs and taste. Therefore, you have to know what character that each decorating style will give to your living room so you won’t end up having the one which looks and feels uninviting.

When it comes to contemporary decorating style, you will deal with neutral shades like grey, white, and black as the main color of the palette. They create a simply elegant overall look with a very relaxing atmosphere that everyone will love. To make a room with such decor look more attractive, some elegant pop-up of colors are commonly used.

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For your inspiration, we share some mesmerizing contemporary living rooms that will totally drop your jaw!

Best Contemporary Living Room Ideas

Contemporary Living Room Ideas: Stylish Airy Decor

Contemporary Living Room Ideas: Stylish Airy Decor

White is the main color of this living room which colorizes the walls and ceiling, creating a bright overall look and cozy atmosphere around. The sectional and rug in grey are the centerpiece of the room which gives a more stylish neutral touch. The wood flooring and indoor plants add a more attractive touch with their earthy tones and textures. Then, a huge glass window with sleek design lets the outdoor light to brighten up the room and makes the room feel wider.

Contemporary Living Room Ideas: Gorgeous Nautical Decor

Contemporary Living Room Ideas: Gorgeous Nautical Decor

Nautical decorating style brings the beauty and nuance of the see to the room in a very exhilarating way just like this idea shows. The beadboard accent of the ceiling in  white is the main element which gives a nautical touch to the overall look of the room. It gives a catchy decorative touch which complements the white background color inside. Moreover, the earthy elements and bluish pieces of furniture and accessories enhance the beachy atmosphere around the room.

Contemporary Living Room Ideas: Warm Neutral Decor

White dominates this living room with the grey accent wall complement it, giving an elegant neutral overall look. The wood flooring in deep natural finish warms up the nuance of the room alongside those rustic accent tables and brown leather chair. A white sectional and coffee table even brighten up the room which work as the main focal point inside. It’s a very simple living room with contemporary style which is so tempting to have.

Contemporary Living Room Ideas: Chic All-White Decor

This one is a god inspiration for you who have a living room with narrow dimensions. All sides of the wall, ceiling, and even flooring are colorized in white which makes the room look brighter and seem wider all at once. The contemporary sofa, rug, coffee table, and ottoman also come in a similar color decorate the room in a very harmonious way. The catchy wall arts and some indoor plants give a more attractive colorful touch and cozy atmosphere inside the room.

Contemporary Living Room Ideas: Bold Festive Decor

Contemporary Living Room Ideas: Bold Festive Decor

Deep grey is the background color of this living room which makes it look so elegant. The sofa and coffee table harmonize the nuance of the room in a very stylish way. Tons of framed pictures decorate one side of the walls which gives a festive decorative touch. Moreover, two woven leather chairs in traditional design add another style to the contemporary nuance of the decor.

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Contemporary Living Room Ideas: Catchy Rustic Decor

The combination of ceiling in natural concrete finish and wood flooring create an elegant rustic nuance inside this living room. The mustard sectional and striped monochrome rug are the main focal point of the decor give a contrasting color and pattern attractively. For sure, it’s a very easy way to decorate a small living room which is so worth to try.

Contemporary Living Room Ideas: Stunning Transitional Decor

Transitional decorating style combines modern and classic style in one room just like this idea shows. The textured accent of the walls and fireplace with gorgeous detail are the main elements which bring the beauty of old time to the decor of the room. Then, the lovely pieces of furniture and lighting fixture in contemporary design add a more modern twist to nuance of the room.

Contemporary Living Room Ideas: Artful Rustic Decor

Contemporary Living Room Ideas: Artful Rustic Decor

The exposed brick accent wall in greyish finish and wood flooring give an elegant rustic touch to the overall look of this living room. Those blue drapes and throw pillows colorize the neutral nuance of the room which is enough to make it look more attractive. Thanks to its white background color which balance the nuance inside which doesn’t make the room feel too overwhelming even with various texture and tones of the decor.

Contemporary Living Room Ideas: Festive Neutral Decor

White is the background color of this living room with the sofas and rug come in grey, creating an elegant neutral overall look in a very simple way. The contemporary table set in natural wood finish is the centerpiece of the decor which gives an earthy warm tone. The striking wall arts give unique patterns and colors which is enough to add more aesthetic appeal and bring another style around.

Contemporary Living Room Ideas: Catchy Artful Decor

Tons of wall arts with safari prints turn this living room into a beautiful gallery with a very captivating nuance. They give a very attractive decorative touch which grabs most of the attention inside the room. A green sofa, brown chairs, and sleek rustic coffee table make this living room fit for you who love eclectic decorating style. The combination of grey and white perfectly lets the color of those pieces of furniture, decor items, and accessories pop-up around the room.

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Are you still looking for more inspirations? Keep scrolling to find more ideas that you will totally admire below!





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Decorating your living with contemporary decorating style is never a bad idea since it works really well to make the room look and feel so inviting which follows the latest trend. The distinctive character of contemporary decor will never fail to create a mesmerizing overall look and captivating atmosphere all at once. Hopefully, the list of those contemporary living rooms can help you to find the one which really suits your needs and taste.

Now, you just need to pick the best living room decor that you really love and start decorating your very own living room right away!

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