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Modern Living Room Ideas: 30+ Stylish Cozy Decors with Simple Style

Modern Living Room Ideas 30

When it comes to modern homes, you will mostly see they use the minimalist decorating style which is characterized by its simplicity. The choice of colors, designs of furniture, and the arrangement of decor items are made as simple as possible which create a stylish overall look and cozy atmosphere all at once.

Since minimalist style glorifies simplicity, you can’t really bring too many decor elements and use decorative touch which may may make the room look too festive and feel too overwhelming. That is why, commonly, the neutral shades like grey and white work as the background color of the room to create a simple overall look. Then, you can add some pop-up colors or natural finishes to give a more attractive touch around the room.

The design of the furniture which fits for a home with minimalist decorating style are the ones which come with sleek and clean-lined style without too many details. They will elegantly beautify the room without delicate ornaments which are unnecessary for the minimalist room.

The minimalist decorating style also becomes everyone’s favorite since it can fit a home or apartment with narrow dimensions. Moreover, you can also decorate your home with the style all by yourself without any helps from a pro.

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Here, we have some inspiring minimalist living rooms for your ultimate reference to start your home improvement plan!

Best Modern Living Room Ideas

Modern Living Room Ideas: Stylish Neutral Decor

Modern Living Room Ideas: Stylish Neutral Decor

White is the main shade of this living room decor which takes over all sides of the walls. The use of white always creates a bright overall look with a relaxing vibe in a very simple way which always fits the minimalist decorating style. The flooring with greyish stone texture then gives another neutral touch beautifully. To make the room look more attractive, an emerald sectional with catchy throw pillows is chosen as the main focal point of the room.

Modern Living Room Ideas: Earthy Neutral Decor

Modern Living Room Ideas: Earthy Neutral Decor

The combination of grey and white as the background color of this living room simply gives an elegant overall look with a cozy atmosphere. The shades don’t only stop there, the sectional, rug, ottomans, table. shelves, and most of decor items also come in similar colors, harmonizing the nuance inside in a very admirable way. There is no additional color here, but only the wood flooring and accent table which gives warmer tone to the decor beautifully.

Modern Living Room Ideas: Catchy Neutral Decor

For you who want to have a more attractive modern living room, this idea can be a good option to copy. The room is still dominated by neutral shades, but the wallpaper in grey and white with abstract print makes it look more attractive. The table set with wood top and steel legs in black don’t only provide convenient storage but also more decorative touch to the neutral nuance of the room.

Modern Living Room Ideas: Monochrome Transitional Decor

White colorizes the walls and ceiling, with the black accent wall gives a bolder touch, creating an elegant monochrome overall look. The sofa and chairs come in black which are placed on the white rug as the centerpiece of the decor which harmonizes the nuance of the room elegantly. The textured detail of the ceiling and fireplace and the crystal chandelier bring the beauty of old time which makes it perfect for you who love transitional decorating style.

Modern Living Room Ideas: Simple Boho Decor

Modern Living Room Ideas: Simple Boho Decor

This living room uses white as the background color which makes it look brightly gorgeous. The wood flooring decorate the room which gives a warm earthy tone to the the neutral nuance of the room. A fury wool with diamond pattern with pompoms becomes the centerpiece of the room which brings the Boho vibe around. The living room set in black then gives a more bolder touch stylishly.

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Modern Living Room Ideas: Elegant Earthy Decor

A chic small living room which looks so stylish with the the combination of white and black as its main shades. White is applied to the walls and ceiling with the black sleek sectional as its main focal point. Then, the jute rug and log-style table give a warm earthy tone to the decor of the room in a very simple way. It’s a very easy simple living room decor that you can try right away.

Modern Living Room Ideas: Simple Catchy Decor

The pieces of furniture and accessories in navy and yellow decorate this living room with grey background color. They give a catchy colorful overall look in a very stylish way. The wood flooring in chevron pattern give a more attractive touch and warm nuance at the same time.

Modern Living Room Ideas: Stunning Bold Decor

Modern Living Room Ideas: Stunning Bold Decor

If those modern living rooms with neutral nuance don’t suit your taste, this idea should be on your top list. The navy walls with textured detail uniquely makes this living room look so bold. The sofa in emerald as the main sitting spot which even make the room look so mesmerizing. To brighten it up, the table, rug, and wall art in white style up the room.

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Keep scrolling to find more beautiful modern living rooms that will amaze you below!












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So those are the best modern living rooms that we have picked just for you which are so worth to be your ultimate reference. Just pick the best one now!

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