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Living Room Paint Ideas: 23+ Trendy Inspirations for Latest Decor

Living Room Paint Ideas feature

In every room’s decor inside your house, arranging the color scheme is always one of the mist challenging step that you have to deal with. The colors of the room have a very huge role not only to create its overall look, but the atmosphere around all at once. In other words, the color scheme of the decor of the room strongly determines how it will look and feel like.

Let’s start with the living room – which is the center of a house – when you have a plan to update the color scheme of your house. It’s the spot where everyone gathers around to do various kinds of activities which makes it so important to look and feel as inviting as possible.

These days, many homeowners tend to choose neutral shades like grey and white, then give some pop-up colors, patterns, and textures to enhance the attractiveness of the room. This kind of pallet fits really well for you who love minimalist decorating style due to its simple character.

But, if you want to have a bolder living room decor, some stylish shades like navy, emerald green, and even black are often chosen as the other alternatives. They also can become the main shades of the color scheme of the living room with a more striking nuance that will amaze everyone.

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Below, we share some admirable living room decors with latest color schemes for your ultimate inspiration!

Best Living Room Paint Ideas

Living Room Paint Ideas: Modern Rustic Decor

Grey takes over all sides of the wall of this living room with white handles the ceiling, creating a neutral nuance which looks so stylish and feels so relaxing. The pieces of furniture and flooring in natural wood finish then warms up the overall look of the room by giving earthy tones and texture. Moreover, tons of indoor plants decorate the room which freshen the atmosphere around in a very beautiful way.

Living Room Paint Ideas: Earthy All-White Decor

Living Room Paint Ideas: Earthy All-White Decor

White clearly becomes the main color of this living room which makes it look so bright. The all-white nuance is always perfect to give a relaxing atmosphere which makes it so considerable to keep in mind. The wood flooring in lighter finish is chosen to give a warmer touch which complements the pieces of furniture and exposed beams. Thanks to the neutral sofas as the main focal points of the room which let those earthy touches pop up attractively.

Living Room Paint Ideas: Stylish Monochrome Decor

Basically, this one is an all-white living room which is so inspiring to copy. The pieces of furniture, decor items, and accessories in black gives an elegant bold touch which creates a monochrome overall look. The wood flooring in white-ish finish brings natural texture which still complement the character of the decor. To give a more decorative touch, the texture of the ceiling and ethnic rug complete the decor.

Living Room Paint Ideas: Glamorous Neutral Decor

The color scheme of this living room combines white and grey as the background color which gives a neutral overall look. The velvet sofa as the main sitting area of the room, glass coffee table, and those decor items and accessories in gold glamorize the decor in a very stunning way. Moreover, the abstract wall art and sculptured table lamps add a more aesthetic appeal which makes it look way more mesmerizing.

Living Room Paint Ideas: Cozy Warm Decor

Living Room Paint Ideas: Cozy Warm Decor

Beige is another neutral shade with a warmer tone which will never fail to style up any rooms adorably. Here, the beige works as the background color of the room which creates a warm overall look and atmosphere at the same time. The sofa in a similar color as the main focal point complements the walls beautifully. Moreover, the wood elements and of the furniture and jute rug enhance the warmth of the room.

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Living Room Paint Ideas: Fascinating Eclectic Decor

Eclectic decorating style is famously known for its beyond-imagination mixture of elements just like this idea shows. The walls with textured detail are painted in navy which already gives a unique transitional vibe around. A contemporary emerald sofa adds another color which juxtaposes the pieces of furniture and accessories in brown. Then, a white ceiling balances the nuance of the room which doesn’t make the room feel too overwhelming.

Living Room Paint Ideas: Striking Bold Decor

This one is a distinctively attractive living room with black as the main shade of the pallet. It dominates the room which is applied to the walls and ceiling with the sofa and coffee table in a similar color complement it perfectly. Moreover, the monochrome rug with unique pattern gives a very attractive decorative touch which is so mesmerizing. For sure, it’s a very inspiring living room decor for with a masculine nuance.

Living Room Paint Ideas: Stylish Neutral Decor

Living Room Paint Ideas: Stylish Neutral Decor

The combination of wall and sofa in grey gives an elegant neutral overall look to this living room with a very relaxing atmosphere. The wood flooring in natural finish warms up the overall look of the room which makes it way more inviting to enjoy. Those contemporary wall arts, lighting fixtures, and other decorative elements beautify the decor stylishly. Moreover, the ethnic rug as the centerpiece of the room adds another style.

Living Room Paint Ideas: Elegant Earthy Decor

Here, emerald green colorizes the walls which looks so beautiful. It brings the beauty and freshness of nature with some indoor plants complement it very well. Then, the sofa and rug in emerald are the centerpiece of the decor which create a gorgeously harmonious overall look. To brighten the room, the decor items in light wood finish and monochrome tiles with catchy pattern complete the decor of the room.

Living Room Paint Ideas: Catchy Colorful Decor

This one is an all-white living room with a lot of pop-up colors which is so tempting to have. White paints the walls and ceiling with the main sofa in a similar color. Then, the striking hot pink chair, colorful rug, pillows, and decor items style up the decor attractively. To freshen the atmosphere, some indoor plants decorate the room in a very admirable way.

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If you are still looking for more ideas, don’t worry, we still have a lot of inspirations that will help you to find the right one. Well, just keep scrolling to check them out!










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Choosing the colors to decorate your living room is surely not an easy job to, you have to be careful in picking each color the mix and match every shade properly. Those ideas are so worth to be your reference when you have a plan to style up your beloved living room.

The main reason is that each color has its own psychological effect which then gives a particular character to the room itself. It makes the job becomes more difficult to do, you may find it confusing to find the right shades that you have to combine to colorize your beloved house.

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