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6 Simple Tips: How to Take Care of Backyard Lawn

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How to Take Care of Backyard Lawn

Most homeowners will probably agree that a backyard is one of the best spots to have fun with family members and friends. That’s why many of them tend to take extra attention when decorating their outdoor living space, especially those who have lawns. Mowing a lawn may sound like a super easy job since you only need to turn on the mower’s power and everything is done. However, there are a few points that can enhance the result of your mowing process.

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We’ve prepared some lawn mowing tips to make sure that your mowing job gives maximum results!

How to Take Care of Backyard Lawn

Tools and Equipment

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A fresh and healthy lawn only comes from the right tools since they let you do the job properly and might as well save you some extra time. The basic equipment that is a must to keep on the list is, a whipper snipper or weed wacker, a leaf blower, a string trimmer, and a lawnmower with a grass catcher.

Other than the main mowing tools, your safety is the ultimate priority so want to provide yourself with good safety equipment like glasses, ear muffs, safety boots, sun spray, a hat, and clothing coverage for the arms and legs.

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Keep Contaminants Away

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Any debris, dead grass, gas, oil, weeds, and other contaminants may prevent water, air, and mineral nutrients to reach the root. What you can do is:

  • If you spot a large-scale weed covering your lawn, use weed killer to remove them immediately. If there’s only a specific spot, then you will only need to treat that affected area.
  • For oil and gas, this usually happens when the gas or oil for the mower is overfilling so it spills into the lawn which will only kill your lawn.
  • As for dead grass and other debris, just like how you maintain your lawn regularly, use gardening tools to clean the soil from any debris.

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Aerating is basically the process where you make some holes in the soil to loosen the ground, allowing air and water to get down to the root system. This process will also help you to get well-spaced grass when you put the grass seeds in those holes.

Fertilizing and Watering

The next step to getting a healthy lawn is by using a fertilizing product and consistent watering.

  • Use a specific fertilizer for a new lawn, thus, you can prepare the best green and fresh young grass.
  • New seeds need consistent watering to make sure that they stay wet but also please ensure not to overwater. If you’re a working person, you can water the lawn in the morning and another one once you’re back home.

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Sharp Blades

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Sharp blades create a nice and clear edge and give the lawn a fresh look. Cutting the grass with a dull blade will tear them. Thus, fungi and diseases would easily get into the grass through the tear. Sharpen your blades at least once every four mows.

Mowing Points

  • When the grass seedlings start to grow above 3,5 inches, it’s time for mowing.
  • Never mow a wet lawn because the grass clippings might form clumps.
  • Don’t mow within the first 4 weeks as the soil is still wet and seedlings are not much strong. After around 8 weeks, you can mow once per week.
  • Always consider and be mindful of the height and type of grass. 2-4 inches is the optimal height for cutting the grass.
  • Change your mowing pattern every week. because the same pattern may aid to form rocks on the lawn.

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We hope that these tips can help you to know more about lawn mowing so that you get a fresh and healthy lawn in your backyard!

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